Alpha Video is a full-service, professional legal video production department knowledgeable in a broad range of video technologies. Our in-house videographers know the value of a video deposition, that’s why we ensure excellent quality playback of both audio and video by using state-of-the-art equipment.

We offer:

• Early arrival to deposition
• Latest legal video technology
• Digital video editing
• Time and date stamp on video
• Fast turnaround video production and duplication
• Individual lavalier microphones for deponents and attorneys
• Mixer to balance and edit audio levels
• Archive of original recording
Synchronization of transcript and video
• We can provide truly customized video formats specific to your exact needs, including MPEG-1, MGEG-2, .MOV, .MP4 and DVD format.

Advantages of using video in your legal proceedings include:

• Record of non-verbal communication such as facial expressions and hand gestures
• Record if the witness is unable to attend trial due to illness
• Using video during trial as a powerful tool can make or break your case
• Keep deponents honest
• Use to impeach a witness
• Higher degree of focus and cooperation with participants